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by Sideshow Cinema

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Pins and Needles Violent waves Your cold voice Calls me in the night Grasping, gasping, just for air Was it worth the price of me Drowning in despair Burn me down Save me from myself Hell on earth Say goodbye to hope I believe that I forgot to breathe A life less lonely Lost in the night Swarm me, consume me Bury me into the ground
Fish Tacos 02:54
Runaway Empty nights Leave me in silence Sweet bitter Sweet bitter, sweet memories I'll lose my shine As you burn me from the inside I'll seek forgiveness Only to be left behind Only to be left behind I want to make a sound When did I grow so cold Instead the darkest night This is our last goodbye Why must you haunt me Why must you haunt me so I'll search for escape In a place with no name Waiting for the heaven I can't seem to find Hold tight to love Unrelenting dreams Distance as proof The nightmare is me
Bend 04:28
As I lay asleep I dream of how it's going to end In the dark I can see everything bright as day The joy that I can't find No light for me to see Witnessing a careless night Empty human in a vacant grave The ache to be long The ache to be loved Have I lived to die To lose myself Into disarray I woke to find myself in a place where the sun won't shine As the sky begins to crumble No longer will we feel that bliss Gone is he glimmer of hope that never really mattered
If the hands of time stood still We could lock the past away I'm waiting to forget your name This is my company A blank stare from a window sill In the end what will we show for ourselves Don't just disappear  Now I wonder  Just where all those  Wasted years Wasted years have gone If the river suddenly ran dry If I lost you today  I don't think tomorrow can wait let's pray we see the sunrise Accept a higher call As you step into insanity I'll bring us close I will suffer when you suffer I was sifting through these memories  Of the bridges that I've burned  As long as I keep breathing  I guess I'll follow these elusive dreams  All though I'm well aware by now That nothings ever here to stay You can paint me gone You can paint me out  Do I deserve to be remembered? Will you even notice my ghost? Can I be saved for the things I've done? Can I be saved?


released October 7, 2020


all rights reserved



Sideshow Cinema Washington, D.C.

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